Thank You!

Your software reviews went a long way, together we raised over $10,000 for Girls Who Code! Funds will directly impact their efforts to provide more free coding programs for girls across the country.

This campaign has ended. Look out for more charity opportunities soon.
Raised for Girls Who Code.

Capterra and Girls Who Code

As a tech company that's 55% female, we truly value that Girls Who Code is working to close the coding skills gap in one of the currently most underserved demographics: girls grade 6-12.

Closing the Gender Gap in Tech, One Girl at a Time.

Girls Who Code aims to support and increase the number of women in technology-based positions through clubs and summer immersion programs.

Women are 50% of the population, yet only 28% of the tech workforce. Anyone can have a good idea, and we all benefit when those ideas are brought to life. Capterra is proud to support Girls Who Code, which opens the flow of great ideas generated and brought to life by women.

- Claire Alexander

General Manager, Capterra